Too little time

Time flies

As individuals who crave love more than anything else, we are riddled with anxiety and worry. Memories from the past come back to haunt us. From such a thing, we are not entirely powerless because the problems we have created from a thought is just as easily destroyed by the same thought.

We always overthink — and from that we create more problems than we can ever bear, and as a consequence, we live unhappy lives. We even make problems that are not suppose to exist in the first place.

So, why worry? 

Why worry about the consequences of your actions ?

Why worry about failing grades ?

Why worry about having a bad day ?

Why worry about financial status ?

Why worry about getting rejected by someone you love ?

Why worry about other people’s thought about you?

Why worry about being alone?


Why do you worry when you know this could spell destruction for all of us?

Why do you worry when you know brighter things lie ahead?

Why do you worry when you know far greater things beyond our imagination exist in this world?

Why do you worry about being rejected, when you know you’ll eventually find someone better?

Why do you worry about everything when you know it will all soon end?

Our times are near and time itself  is too precious and valuable that we can’t live everyday like this.

Life is damn short that we don’t have to live everyday with worries.

Life is too short for everything to be taken slowly.

So I urge you
forget your worries,
tell someone you like them,
do something you’ll never forget,
to hell with it — go fuck up.

Trying out for the Daily Prompt: Echo




Does forgiveness really matter?


All of us are capable of loving — but forgiving?

Forgiveness starts with a choice.


A great friendship can take time to build but only a second to tear.
A sentence can break what was once such a great, wonderful thing.
A word can crush years of relationship without a single thought.
A simple feeling can obliterate hope in an instant.

But how?
How could relationships be destroyed this easily?
How could something so precious be so fragile?
How could we say sorry a thousand times and restore nothing?


We should never apologize for what we feel,
but why are we sorry in the end?


Forgiveness is the final form of love.




We often live our lives in dreams.

Our minds, though complex, are capable of imagining our wildest fantasies.

In the state of solitude, when we think all hope is lost, we find happiness  in dreams, for our minds are the most powerful tool this world has ever known.

While some people dream to alleviate pain and suffering,others dream to make nightmares.  (what can be more fun than scaring yourself, right?)

Problems that torment our lives are bane of our existences.
To fill your mind with agonizing thoughts would cause you to anguish over your life.
The more you dream, the more you overthink, and because of that we make our problems worse. And that is not good at all.

But there’s always more to it. Every rose has thorns. You see, dreaming is an escape from reality — and that is where the real beauty lies. Through it, comes unlimited potential, power, and the most unimaginable of all things.

True, some people find dreaming to be utterly difficult and challenging, but I promise you, you will eventually attain it — Dreams at its most inexplicable.

Let your mind wander, forget all your burdensome problems for a moment, and let the beauty of this world encapsulate you. Give in to your imagination and you’ll see what I mean.

So, do it right now —

For there’s more to dreaming than meets the eye.

The click

What is love?


If faced with such a question, I wouldn’t even have an answer.

Well the sad truth, half of us don’t even know what it is.

What is it like to fall in love? What is it like to be loved back? Questions like this plague most of us each day. People seek but never find. People wait and eventually see.



As humans, we seek love but try to avoid pain. I DID THAT. Crazy, friends would call me.
I tried forcing myself to fall in love knowing that I would never be loved back. It was a pain too great to bear.

I made it though. True, I failed, but I lived to be a better person than I once was.

So to stop my everlasting pain there was only one thing I did: I set standards.
I figured out what I finally wanted and deep inside me I know I will wait. I will wait for as long as it takes even if it hurts me from doing so. I will wait for God knows how long because I know tomorrow, maybe a week from nowmonths from now, but someday, she’ll eventually come, I promise. She will. She must.

I can imagine it even right now: a walk in the park and you see her reading a book, or heck, maybe even playing an instrument. You see her, she sees you, and both of you lock eyes together. That’s when it happens: the click.

A small silly little sign that tells you it’s time to give in to your deepest yearning. It’s time to fall in love, now or never.

Despite all our extremely foolish standards, we all succumb to the overwhelming power of our emotions, for such is the nature of us human beings.

Once in our lifetime, a Click happens. There will come a time when you know what you desire most.  You will see something you have forever longed for your entire life:

You will see Love, and Love will smile back at you.






The first post

Where do I begin?

A million thoughts for a single day.

You know, being an outcast is actually wonderful. I have maladaptive daydreaming. It’s this thing where you have really good daydreaming powers that sort of take over your mind for a period of time. At some point the daydreaming actually feels like it’s real so I pace around an imaginary world (definitely not crazy). I SLAY DRAGONS. I CONQUER CONTINENTS. I TRAVERSE THE PLAINS OF MY IMAGINED WORLD, A WORLD FAR OFF FROM EXISTENCE. A perfect world that exists only in my mind in the small fragment of time.

As a daydream, I walk around listening to music that I love. I imagine myself playing it, standing in front of the orchestra as the “great violinist” I want myself to be. I think about how perfect my intonation would be, how precisely I would hit each note with complete accuracy. I think about how my piece would begin and end. I think about her. If maybe one day she would be there listening as my music cries to her.

Most of the times, this maladaptive daydreaming hinders me from what I should do. Projects takes hours, or sometimes even days to complete. My attention in class wanders off like a lost traveler finding his way back home.

I have no solution for this but to give up to its deep seductive power. Power far off from my wildest imagination. Power beyond my control.

So, as I end, I would like to tell this world that being an outcast is not the worst thing that can happen, but the most beautiful one.

Sometimes I love daydreaming, while other times I do not. I don’t regret the time I wasted from it, but know that imagination is power beyond mankind’s comprehension.

November 21st, 2016. Joshua Lintag