I am a third-rate violinist who happened to be a boring writer at the same time.
Add in a little sense of humor and that’s perfectly me.


What do you want to know anyway? People say I shouldn’t share details about me but privacy be damned.

I’m a very strange person. BUT I’M VERY WEIRD TOO. I am Joshua but Joshua is a loooong name so I let my friends call me “Josh” . ^_^
I listen to classical music everyday mainly opera or orchestra. I love Les Miserables. I also am very picky with the music I listen to. I love some rock music and some pop music. I also like indie but I can’t speak much about those genres. I am very musical! I love music! Buuuuuuut I can’t sing! My voice is so horrible !

I’m currently learning French and Spanish right now and I’m still very bad (at both) . Je suis une pomme rouge.

My eyes are dark black like my soul and my hair is a little messy so I fix it every once in a while.

I play the violin and the piano. (also a little guitar and ukulele and recorder) (THAT’S A LOT BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN I’M GOOD, neither do I have a high musical proficiency)
If I get hyper, I’m the most annoying person on this planet.

I love to read about scary things or adventures. Romance makes me jealous. (  Why are romance book always so perfect?? )

My watch is grey (gray and blue since I broke my old watch) and my blankets are also blue. I love jackets so much tooooo! I have different varieties of them which took me over a year to buy because I’m one hell of a poor person.

I also watch a little anime (just a little)

My dogs are named, Gryphon, Paris, Ned, and Beauty and they poopsies in our grass all the time.

I am also a die-hard Disney fan. I sing a lot of their songs even if my voice is so baaaad.

Most of the time, I talk to myself in the mirror and maybe one day, the mirror-Josh will reply back.

Nope. Single. Never had one. I doubt I ever will because of what I am. (weird dinosaur person with shit music tastes who’s obviously bad at math but tries hard to appreciate it)

Oh I’m also 18. Born on the 2nd of July, year 1998.

This is all, for now.


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