People see you
Yet they don’t reply
So you sit there waiting
And time passes by

If you’re worth their time,
You start to wonder
All this overthinking,
Would make you ponder

So you ask yourself
“Should I say something again?”
But you know you won’t,
Because you’re a burden

So you wait and wait
Until it gets really late

That last message was just seen
and you’re left wondering,
what could’ve been

Did I do something bad?
What did I do to make her mad?
Did I say something, making her sad?

But you know this already happened
Done to me in many ways
By different girls I loved before,
A past I’m too afraid to face

So this pain is nothing new
Because I know I’d overthink about this too

You tell yourself,
Maybe she’s busy and it’s true
but then again,
“Maybe I’m too annoying for you”

Many times I’m haunted by this:

What broke me before,
Would break me again
Waiting for a reply
I don’t even know when

But I do know only one thing:
If all this time I can wait for you
Then my love for you still burns so true

And if all this time you fade from my view,
I know you’d still come back
Because you love me too


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