Time flies

As individuals who crave love more than anything else, we are riddled with anxiety and worry. Memories from the past come back to haunt us. From such a thing, we are not entirely powerless because the problems we have created from a thought is just as easily destroyed by the same thought.

We always overthink — and from that we create more problems than we can ever bear, and as a consequence, we live unhappy lives. We even make problems that are not suppose to exist in the first place.

So, why worry? 

Why worry about the consequences of your actions ?

Why worry about failing grades ?

Why worry about having a bad day ?

Why worry about financial status ?

Why worry about getting rejected by someone you love ?

Why worry about other people’s thought about you?

Why worry about being alone?


Why do you worry when you know this could spell destruction for all of us?

Why do you worry when you know brighter things lie ahead?

Why do you worry when you know far greater things beyond our imagination exist in this world?

Why do you worry about being rejected, when you know you’ll eventually find someone better?

Why do you worry about everything when you know it will all soon end?

Our times are near and time itself  is too precious and valuable that we can’t live everyday like this.

Life is damn short that we don’t have to live everyday with worries.

Life is too short for everything to be taken slowly.

So I urge you
forget your worries,
tell someone you like them,
do something you’ll never forget,
to hell with it — go fuck up.

Trying out for the Daily Prompt: Echo



One thought on “Too little time

  1. I worry because I’m afraid he won’t love me back, that he won’t even take the slightest moment to look and notice me as a woman but rather he would just choose me as a colleague. He would just look at me as someone objective to a goal needed to be achieved. I am just his subject and he is just my boss. I worry that and that makes me want to hide all those feelings because I feel that being rejected is as bad as having someone close to you died.


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