We often live our lives in dreams.

Our minds, though complex, are capable of imagining our wildest fantasies.

In the state of solitude, when we think all hope is lost, we find happiness  in dreams, for our minds are the most powerful tool this world has ever known.

While some people dream to alleviate pain and suffering,others dream to make nightmares.  (what can be more fun than scaring yourself, right?)

Problems that torment our lives are bane of our existences.
To fill your mind with agonizing thoughts would cause you to anguish over your life.
The more you dream, the more you overthink, and because of that we make our problems worse. And that is not good at all.

But there’s always more to it. Every rose has thorns. You see, dreaming is an escape from reality — and that is where the real beauty lies. Through it, comes unlimited potential, power, and the most unimaginable of all things.

True, some people find dreaming to be utterly difficult and challenging, but I promise you, you will eventually attain it — Dreams at its most inexplicable.

Let your mind wander, forget all your burdensome problems for a moment, and let the beauty of this world encapsulate you. Give in to your imagination and you’ll see what I mean.

So, do it right now —

For there’s more to dreaming than meets the eye.


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