What is love?


If faced with such a question, I wouldn’t even have an answer.

Well the sad truth, half of us don’t even know what it is.

What is it like to fall in love? What is it like to be loved back? Questions like this plague most of us each day. People seek but never find. People wait and eventually see.



As humans, we seek love but try to avoid pain. I DID THAT. Crazy, friends would call me.
I tried forcing myself to fall in love knowing that I would never be loved back. It was a pain too great to bear.

I made it though. True, I failed, but I lived to be a better person than I once was.

So to stop my everlasting pain there was only one thing I did: I set standards.
I figured out what I finally wanted and deep inside me I know I will wait. I will wait for as long as it takes even if it hurts me from doing so. I will wait for God knows how long because I know tomorrow, maybe a week from nowmonths from now, but someday, she’ll eventually come, I promise. She will. She must.

I can imagine it even right now: a walk in the park and you see her reading a book, or heck, maybe even playing an instrument. You see her, she sees you, and both of you lock eyes together. That’s when it happens: the click.

A small silly little sign that tells you it’s time to give in to your deepest yearning. It’s time to fall in love, now or never.

Despite all our extremely foolish standards, we all succumb to the overwhelming power of our emotions, for such is the nature of us human beings.

Once in our lifetime, a Click happens. There will come a time when you know what you desire most.  You will see something you have forever longed for your entire life:

You will see Love, and Love will smile back at you.







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